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MBL Card products

  • MBL VISA Credit Card
  • MBL VISA Debit Card
  • MBL VISA Prepaid Card

Types of Credit Card

  • Local Credit Card
  • International Credit Card
  • Dual Credit Card

Category of Credit Card

  • Platinum Card
  • Gold Card
  • Classic Card

MBL VISA Prepaid Cards

Dual Card (Two in One)

Single Card with double benefits. No hassle to carry two cards (local and international). A single Credit Card can be used both locally and internationally to withdraw cash from ATM and for POS transaction. This is the special feature of MBL Visa Card.

Debit Card

Visa Debit Card is mainly tagged with deposit account (CD/SB/SND) that is automatically debited from the A/C having available balance. Debit Card may also be used for purchasing goods, services, payment of utility bills etc as well as withdrawal of cash from ATM.

Pre-Paid Card

Those who have no account with MBL may avail pre-paid Card facilities. Pre-paid Card may be equally used at home and abroad. The Pre-Paid cardholders pay first and buy later. Pre-Paid Card offers the convenience and security of electronic payment in situations where one might otherwise use cash, such as birthday gift or a monthly allowance for a young adult or as gift cards and salary payment etc.

Supplementary Card

A principal cardholder (local) may apply for more than one supplementary card where one supplementary card is free. Expenses made by supplementary card will be charged to the principal card.

MBL VISA Medical Card

This is first time MBL introduce Visa Medical card for a large number of Bangladeshi nationals visit abroad every year for treatment purpose. As per Bangladesh Bank regulatory guidelines, up to US$ 10,000 or equivalent (on health ground) may be released by the ADs without prior clearance from Bangladesh Bank. A patient can meet up all treatment expenses through MBL Medical card instead of cash form. This Card would be Pre-paid or Credit in nature.

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