MBL VISA Student International Card

Student International Card is one of our unique products for the students going different countries for higher study. A student pursuing higher study in abroad needs to send fund for their tuitions fee and living expenses. MBL International Student Card is very convenient for the students to send funds abroad for meeting up all educational expenses than cash form. This card is as like as Pre-paid card.

Required documents for issuance of MBL VISA International Student Card:    

  • MBL VISA Student Card application form (Designed as per BB Guidelines: Appendix 5/64) duly filled in.    
  • Original and photocopy of admission letter issued by the foreign educational institution in favor of the student (such as Acceptance Letter or I-20 )    
  • Full time course.    
  • Refund Policy of the foreign institution.
  • Guarantor/Financer details.    
  • Original and photocopy of estimate relating to annual tuition fee, board and lodging, incidental expenses etc. issued by the concerned educational institution.
  • Attested copies of educational certificates of the applicant.
  • Student Declaration (in the format of Bangladesh Bank)    
  • Valid Passport.    
  • VISA (depending on the different cases)
  • Photograph of the student.

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