Fixed Deposit Account

Unlike CD, SND and SB account, Branch shall accept deposit of fixed amount of money from the customers for a fixed period of time with interest under the term plan time to time. FDR is neither Transferable nor Negotiable and as such payment against this instrument with interest shall normally be made to the depositor on maturity. Payment against FDR can also be made to nominee or assignee after observing essential formalities.

Fixed Deposit Account can be opened in the name of

  • Individual (Single).
  • Two or more persons (joint).
  • Sole Proprietorship Concern.
  • Partnership Concern (Firm).
  • Limited Companies (both Public and Private).
  • Society / Club / Association / Local Bodies / Govt. / Semi Govt. Organization, etc.

Opening of Fixed Deposit A/C

Any Bangladeshi National (Adult, sound-minded having bonafide income) and institutions / organizations incorporated and operating in Bangladesh who are not adjudicated as insolvent by any Court of Law of the land can open Fixed Deposits Account for fixed tenure with any amount but not less than BDT 10,000 (Ten thousand).

FDR Rates


For any Amount

1 Month to less less 3 Months

3.00% (For any amount)

3 Months to less than 6 Months

4.50% (For any amount)

6 Months to less than 1 Year

4.75% (For any amount)

1 Year

5.00% (For any amount)

2 Year

5.00% (For any amount)



Required Documents

  • Name of applicant(s) together with name(s) of parents and spouse(s).
  • Present and Permanent Address.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Nationality.
  • TIN (if any).
  • Duly attested photocopy of valid Passport / Employer’s Certificate / ID Card / Driving Licence / Voter ID Card / National ID Card or Certificate about credentials by the local Ward Commissioner / Chairman of Union Parishad.
  • Two copies of recent passport size Photographs of account holder duly attested by the Introducer.
  • One copy of Passport Size Photograph of Nominee duly attested by the Account Holder.
  • Copies of Utility Bills, viz. Electricity Bill / Land Phone bill / Cell Phone Bill / Gas Bill / WASA Bill, etc. in the name of applicants.



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