MBL Bonus Sanchay Hishab

(You worked for your money, but let your saved/ ideal money work for you)

'এমবিএল বোনাস সঞ্চয় হিসাব' is a local currency transactional accounts that customer uses for interest-earning and savings purpose. It is a tier based savings deposit account that provides an opportunity to the customers to earn more interest for increasing his/her savings.

Mode of Product:

  • Deposit an amount of money for a saving.
  • Depositor will get interest in each month based on his/her minimum deposit amounts.

Main Features:

  • Bangladeshi Customers (single or jointly) are entitled for this product. It can be opened in the name of Institutions or non-profit organizations, Clubs, Societies, Associations and similar organizations.
  • Customers can enjoy the maximum interest on their savings.
  • Initial Deposit amount would be BDT 1,000.00
  • Customers will be rewarded with more interest rate than regular savings interest rate as per following slabs-


Minimum Balance BDT 10,000.00

3.00% (Interest rate of regular Savings Bank account)

Minimum Balance BDT 50,000.00

4.50% (1.50% higher than regular SB rate)

Minimum Balance BDT 100,000.00

5.00% (2.00% higher than the regular SB rate)


  • Effective Interest Rate will be more than simple interest rate as it compounded monthly.
  • Interest calculated based on monthly minimum Balance.
  • Interest amount will be credited to customer's account on monthly basis.
  • Debit Card is mandatory for this account.




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