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Treatment Cards (International)
A large number of Bangladeshi nationals visit abroad every year for treatment purpose. As per regulatory guidelines (copy enclosed), up to US$ 10,000 or equivalent (on health ground) may be released by the ADs without prior clearance from Bangladesh Bank. Targeting these customers, we may introduce MBL treatment card. We may issue Prepaid/ Credit Cards in the names of MBL Pre-paid Treatment Card and MBL Credit treatment Card respectively for the amount equivalent to USD 10,000.
Required documents for issuance of Treatment Cards and terms and conditions may be as per following:
MBL Treatment Card would be Pre-paid or Credit in nature (depending on the customer's request and bank assessment)
Card Fee would be USD 30.00 (plus Govt. VAT) for Pre-Paid and USD 50.00 (excluding Govt. VAT) for Credit Card. However, the fee may be reviewed or revised by the Management of the Bank whenever deems necessary.
There shall be no loading charge. However, cardholder's excess/useless amount (if any) may be refunded on receipt of Cardholder's application and the conversion may incur processing fee @ 1% of the converted (refunded) amount
Application procedure:
MBL VISA Treatment Card application form duly filled in.
Recommendation of the Medical Board set up by the Health Directorate or on the basis of the need established through recommendation of appropriate medical specialist.
The cost estimation of the foreign medical institution.
Nominee details
Valid Passport
All treatment documents (in Bangladesh)
Photograph of the patient
All additional papers required for credit assessment (for credit cards)
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