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Structured Finance
Mercantile Bank offers customized, friendly, and flexible financial solutions to customers and strives to ensure financing package in a cost-effective manner.

Structured Finance team deals with project financing and covers virtually every sector of the economy with a focus on infrastructure projects, project finance, acquisition finance, securitization, and advisory services.
a. Project Finance:
Project Finance is a long-term credit arrangement with a debtor related to the development and construction of infrastructure or a large commercial or industrial project. The technique involves mobilization of debt, equity, contingent equity, hedges and a variety of limited guarantees through a newly organized company, partnership or contractual joint venture, often referred to as Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV"), for the purpose of building a capital intensive facility and operating a discrete business activity.

Project finance may take place in two ways: Sole Finance- the Bank is the only financier to the project and Co- Finance- the Bank collaborates and complements other lenders to complete the debt package of a project.
b. Syndication:
"Syndicated Loan" as loans extended by multiple banks where the overall credit involved exceeds an individual lender’s legal lending or other limits. It is made available by a group of FIs in pre-defined proportions under the same credit facility following common loan documentation formalities. It is different from co- or, club financing (where many banks finance a single borrower) in terms of deal origination, mechanism, documentation, disbursement, monitoring, management, etc.
Corporate Banking
Funded Credit Facility
1.1 CC (Hypo)
1.2 SOD (G) or OD
1.3 SOD(WO)
1.4 SOD(FO)
1.5 Loan (FO)
1.6 Time Loan
1.7 LTR
1.8 PC
1.9 ECC
1.10 IDBP
1.11 FDBP(F)
1.12 FBP
1.13 IBP
1.14 Loan Against EDF
1.15 OD(Export)
1.16 Lease Finance (LF)
1.17 Hire Purchase (HP)
1.18 Term Loan
1.19 HBL(Com)
1.20 Loan(General) or Loan (G)
1.21 Syndication Loan & Structured Finance
Non-Funded Credit Facility
2.1 Letter of Credit (L/C)
- Sight L/C
- Usance or Deferred Payment (DP) L/C
- UPAS L/C (Usance Payable at Sight)
- Stand By letter of Credit
- Back to Back (BTB) L/C
2.2 ABP
2.3 Bank Guarantee (BG)
- Bid Bond (BB)
- Performance Guarantee (PG)
- Advance Payment Guarantee (APG)
- Retention Money Guarantee/Retention Bond/ Warrantee Guarantee
- Payment Guarantee/ Suppliers Credit Guarantee
- Guarantee against Counter Guarantee of other Bank
- Customs Guarantee
- Other Bank Guarantees