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Structured Finance
Mercantile Bank offers customized, friendly, and flexible financial solutions to customers and strives to ensure financing package in a cost-effective manner.

Structured Finance team deals with project financing and covers virtually every sector of the economy with a focus on infrastructure projects, project finance, acquisition finance, securitization, and advisory services.
a. Project Finance:
Project Finance is a long-term credit arrangement with a debtor related to the development and construction of infrastructure or a large commercial or industrial project. The technique involves mobilization of debt, equity, contingent equity, hedges and a variety of limited guarantees through a newly organized company, partnership or contractual joint venture, often referred to as Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV"), for the purpose of building a capital intensive facility and operating a discrete business activity.

Project finance may take place in two ways: Sole Finance- the Bank is the only financier to the project and Co- Finance- the Bank collaborates and complements other lenders to complete the debt package of a project.
b. Syndication:
"Syndicated Loan" as loans extended by multiple banks where the overall credit involved exceeds an individual lender’s legal lending or other limits. It is made available by a group of FIs in pre-defined proportions under the same credit facility following common loan documentation formalities. It is different from co- or, club financing (where many banks finance a single borrower) in terms of deal origination, mechanism, documentation, disbursement, monitoring, management, etc.
Corporate Banking
Short Term Finance
Long Tern Finance
Real Estate Finance
Import Finance/Trade Finance
Work Order Financing/
Construction Business
- Earnest Money Financing Scheme -
- Bid Bond
- Performance Guarantee (PG)
- Advance Payment Guarantee (APG)
- Shipping Gurantee
- Customs Gurantee
- SOD (WO)
Export Finance
- Pree-Shipment Credit/Finance
   - Export Cash Credit
     (Hypothecatio /Pleadge)
   - Export Cash Credit Against
     Trust Receipt
   - Advance Against Anticipatory
     Letter of Credit
   - Back to Back Letter of Credit
   - Packing Credit
   - SOD (Export)
- Post-Shipment Credit/Finance
   - Negotiotion of Export
     Documents (FDBP)
   - Purchase of Documents
     against DP or DA Bills
Structured Finance
- Project Finance
- Syndication