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Short Term Finance
Short-term loans are used to finance inventory, account receivables or other current assets i.e. to finance the working capital requirement. Forms of short-term loan are given below:
a. Cash Credit (CC):
Cash credit account is like a current account with a limit up to which one can withdraw from the bank. Cash credit is normally sanctioned for a period of one year where a regular limit is sanctioned against goods to meet day to day expenses of business.
b. Secured Overdraft (SOD-General):
Under this, a regular limit is sanctioned to meet day to day expenses of business. This form of credit is given to the business where maintenance of stock on a regular basis is not possible. The account is adjusted by the sale proceeds or from own source of the customer.
c. Secured Overdrat (SOD):
When overdraft is allowed against lien of FDR or other financial instruments, it is termed as Secured Overdraft (SOD). Secured Overdraft (SOD) facility to the borrower may be allowed generally in the following ways:
Overdraft- against guarantee
Overdraft-against FDR in the name of borrower
Overdraft- against FDR in the name of 3rd party
Overdraft- against savings certificate
Overdraft- against wage Earners Dev. Bond
Overdraft- against DPS
d. Bill Discounted and Purchased:
Mercantile Bank gives advances to customers by discounting or purchasing their bills of exchange. Such bills of exchange arise out of commercial transactions both in inland trade and foreign trade.
Corporate Banking
Short Term Finance
Long Tern Finance
Real Estate Finance
Import Finance/Trade Finance
Work Order Financing/
Construction Business
- Earnest Money Financing Scheme -
- Bid Bond
- Performance Guarantee (PG)
- Advance Payment Guarantee (APG)
- Shipping Gurantee
- Customs Gurantee
- SOD (WO)
Export Finance
- Pree-Shipment Credit/Finance
   - Export Cash Credit
     (Hypothecatio /Pleadge)
   - Export Cash Credit Against
     Trust Receipt
   - Advance Against Anticipatory
     Letter of Credit
   - Back to Back Letter of Credit
   - Packing Credit
   - SOD (Export)
- Post-Shipment Credit/Finance
   - Negotiotion of Export
     Documents (FDBP)
   - Purchase of Documents
     against DP or DA Bills
Structured Finance
- Project Finance
- Syndication