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Super Benefit Deposit Scheme (SBDS)
This scheme has been formulated with a view to gain an upper hand in the market in terms of Deposit collection. Features of this scheme are enumerated below:
Features and Terms of the scheme:
Minimum Deposit amount would be BDT 205,000/- (Two Lac Five Thousand) or multiples thereof.
The tenor of the scheme would be one (1) year and renewable at mutually agreed rate.
Customer will not be entitled to any interest in case of pre-mature encashment i.e. all benefits given will be deducted from principal.
Benefits can be drawn monthly / quarterly / half yearly or at maturity.
Benefits will be transferred to the SB/CD or any other account where the benefit(s) will be transferred.
Schemeholder is entitled to benefit from the next month of account opening.
A separate prefix number (provider by our IT division) should be used for this scheme.
A sheet containing form and duly signed by the customer.
Standard procedure of account opening must be followed.
Schemeholder will be given a Deposit Receipt after account opening and is non-transferrable.
Particulars Rate
SBDS 6.75% (Tk. 1,000 per month per 205,000/-)*
*Net-off tax having valid TIN
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