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The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has introduced U.S. Dollar Premium Bond and U.S. Dollar Investment Bond on the 1st November 2002 “with a view to providing the highest profit or interest to the Non Resident Bangladeshi Nationals and also nationals having his/her origin in Bangladesh.
U.S. Dollar Premium Bond
Rate of Profit/Interest:
1st year 6.5% 2nd year 7% and 3rd year 7.5%
Payment of Profit/Interest:
Profit/Interest payable only in Bangladesh currency.
Half Yearly payment of Profit/Interest:
Every after six months Profit/Interest is payable @7.5% if invested principal amount is withdrawn before maturity Profit/Interest is payable @6.5% for the first year and @7% for the 2nd year and additional profit given if any shall be deducted from the principal invested amount.
Payment of principal Invested Amount:
As per option of the holder payment may be made either in Bangladesh currency of in US Dollar.
Death risk Benefit:
Investors of US Dollar 10,000 and above are entitled to have Death- Risk-Benefit which is payable only in Bangladesh currency in the following rate:
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