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Savings Bank (SB) Account for NRBs
Savings Bank (SB) Account for NRBs is a Savings Bank (SB) Account in local currency for the Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) who are residing abroad or proceeding abroad for employment. This is exclusively designed and developed for NRBs who want to save their hard earned money to utilize in future and earn best interest/profits on their saved money with hassle free banking services.
To facilitate inward wage remittances through banking channel
To encourage NRBs in saving their hard earned income in Bangladesh
To strengthen financial inclusion program
To create NRB's opportunity to earn more interest/profit as his/her savings increases
Any Bangladeshi passport holder who is living outside Bangladesh and working there with a valid work permit/resident visa.
Any Bangladeshi crew member working in foreign shipping company.
Persons who are leaving Bangladesh with a job offer (overseas posting/new job) can open NRB account before leaving Bangladesh.
Minimum Age: 18 years (minors are not eligible to open this account).
Main Features
Only NRBs can open this account in their own name.
Individual Customers (single or jointly) is entitled to open this account. In case of Joint Account, minimum two signatories (including NRB) are needed for operating the account.
Customers can enjoy the maximum interest on their savings.
Initial deposit amount would be BDT 1,000.00.
Interest Rate is 0.50% higher than the existing simple interest rate of regular Savings Bank account.
Interest will be calculated based on monthly minimum Balance as regular Saving Bank account.
The Interest will be calculated and accrued monthly and credited to the account on half-yearly basis (June and December of each year).
Customers will avail Debit Card & Cheque Book facility.
The account maintenance charge is lower than the regular Savings Account.
1st year Annual Fee of Debit Card is Free.
Customers are eligible for Online Banking, SMS Banking, service from MBL Contact Centre.
Required Documents
Two copies of recent passport size photographs of NRBs (duly attested).
Copy of passport size photograph of each nominee(s) attested by the NRB Account Holder(s).
Copy of NID, Passport, Visa, work permit and salary certificate of NRB(s).
Copy of NID/ Passport of each nominee(s).
Documents regarding income source(s) of the depositor(s).
Copy of Utility Bill (Electricity Bill/ Land Phone bill/ Cell Phone Bill/ Gas Bill/ WASA Bill) in the name of applicants to identify present Address.
Copy of e-TIN Certificate of the depositor(s) (if any).
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