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Monthly Saving Scheme
Build up habit of savings.
Attract small savers.
Saving for rainy days.
Monthly installement sizes are 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000 and in multiples of 5000 up to BDT 25000.
Installment & Benefits
Period Simple Interest Rate Effective Interest Rate
3 Years 6.04% 6.21%
5 Years 6.04% 6.21%
8 Years 6.04% 6.21%
10 Years 6.04% 6.21%
Other Features
All taxes/duty/levy and /or any other surcharges presently in force or that may be imposed by the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) from time to time will be deducted/ recovered from the deposit account under this scheme.
In case of pre-mature encashment before 05 years, interest will be paid on Savings Account Rate. But in case of early encashment before 08 or 10 years the depositor will get full benefit up to previous slab and Savings Account Rate for each subsequent year; no interest will be paid for fraction year.
Upon deposit of installment for at least 01 year (minimum deposit amount must be BDT 12,000.00) under this scheme, loan may be granted up to maximum 82% of the deposited amount.
Loan processing fee be realized BDT 50.00 only and stamp costs also be realized.
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