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Long Tern Finance
Long-term loans are used to finance equipment, real estate and other fixed assets. The forms of long-term loan are given below:
a. Lease Financing:
Under lease financing we cover equipment/vehicle financing. It is a term financing repayable through lease rental in the form of equal monthly installments. Ownership of the leased out vehicle under the lease agreement covering comprehensive risks belongs to the Bank.
b. Hire Purchase:
This is also given to procure equipment/vehicle. Ownership of the equipment/vehicle to be purchased under the Hire-Purchase agreement covering comprehensive risks belongs to both the Banker and the customer. Hire-Purchase facility is repayable by depositing equal monthly installments (including principal and interest amount).
c. Term Loan:
This facility is used to meet the expenditure of civil construction and other infrastructure development. Term Loan facility is repayable by depositing equal monthly installments
d. Term Loan for NBFIs:
Term loan for NBFIS is provided to enable their financing activities to others. It is given as per instruction of Bangladesh Bank circulars and at a lower interest rate based on some grading of the NBFIs.
Corporate Banking
Funded Credit Facility
1.1 CC (Hypo)
1.2 SOD (G) or OD
1.3 SOD(WO)
1.4 SOD(FO)
1.5 Loan (FO)
1.6 Time Loan
1.7 LTR
1.8 PC
1.9 ECC
1.10 IDBP
1.11 FDBP(F)
1.12 FBP
1.13 IBP
1.14 Loan Against EDF
1.15 OD(Export)
1.16 Lease Finance (LF)
1.17 Hire Purchase (HP)
1.18 Term Loan
1.19 HBL(Com)
1.20 Loan(General) or Loan (G)
1.21 Syndication Loan & Structured Finance
Non-Funded Credit Facility
2.1 Letter of Credit (L/C)
- Sight L/C
- Usance or Deferred Payment (DP) L/C
- UPAS L/C (Usance Payable at Sight)
- Stand By letter of Credit
- Back to Back (BTB) L/C
2.2 ABP
2.3 Bank Guarantee (BG)
- Bid Bond (BB)
- Performance Guarantee (PG)
- Advance Payment Guarantee (APG)
- Retention Money Guarantee/Retention Bond/ Warrantee Guarantee
- Payment Guarantee/ Suppliers Credit Guarantee
- Guarantee against Counter Guarantee of other Bank
- Customs Guarantee
- Other Bank Guarantees