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Online Banking
Online Banking have so far been activated with 41 Branches of the Bank from January 01,2006. Online service is now available for all customers ‚Äď Both Cash deposit and withdrawals, Cheque Deposits and Transfer in CD, SB, STD, Loan accounts (Cheque Bearing within limit) and Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS).
Online Banking Times
Sunday to Thursday, Hours - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Saturday , Hours - 9:00 am to 12:00 noon (only in open branches on Saturday)
For Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS)TK. 20 including 15% VAT per transaction. Yearly service charge is not applicable.
Accountwise Online Banking Limit (Cash Withdrawal, Deposit & Transfer)
Maximum Deposit Limit: Tk. 500,000.00 per transaction
Cumulative deposit shall not be more than TK.10,00,000.00 per day
Maximum Withdrawal Limit: Tk. 300,000.00 per transaction
Cumulative deposit shall not be more than TK.600,000.00 per day
Charges for Online Banking
Intra City* Inter City** Mode of Realization
Free Upto BDT 1,00000 - TK. 50.00 Up front Cash
Upto BDT 2,00000 - TK. 100.00
Upto BDT 3,00000 - TK. 150.00
Upto BDT 4,00000 - TK. 200.00
* Intra City Transaction: Branches under Same City Corporation Areas
** Inter City Transaction: Branches outside City Corporation Areas
Service Charge Applicable.
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School Banking
Education Planning Deposit Scheme
Super Benefit Deposit Scheme
Home Loan
Cottage Loan
Car Loan
Personal Loan
House Furnishing Loan
Doctor's Loan
Education Loan
Secured Over Draft (SOD)
Refinance Scheme for Green Product/Initiatives
Krishi / Polli Loan
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