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Green Banking
The concept of 'Green Banking' originates in modern banking approaches. The concept has actually been derived from ethical banking which seeks to mitigate the hazards of climate change due to global warming. The rapid changes in the climate pattern cause many problems and directly leave impact on biodiversity, agriculture, forestry, water resources and human health which need immediate global response. Due to unusual weather pattern, rising greenhouse gas, declining air quality etc. society demands that businesses also take responsibility of safeguarding the planet. Green finance as a part of green banking can make great contribution to the transition to resource-efficient and low-carbon industries i.e. green industry and green economy in general.
MBL Green Strategic Planning toward Green Future
To implement Green Banking in Bangladesh, Mercantile bank follow the policy guideline issued by the Bangladesh Bank. Green banks must abide by ethical obligations which require an objective way to determine ethical values by exploring their responsibilities towards mankind. Banks should change their behavior in line with socio-economic situations, improving environmental conditions in their own arena. MBL is always committed to ensure proactive and prudent management for the environmental degradation from our banking operations. Bank is also committed to comply with environmental regulation for maintaining ecological as well as social balance and safeguarding the globe for all living beings and their future generation.

From this point of view, Bank has made a Green Strategic Planning with a set of achievable targets to do the following activities related to Green Banking:
As per Bangladesh Bank's directives on Green Banking, Bank will take necessary initiatives to implement the Green Banking Policy within deadline fixed by Bangladesh Bank.
Bank has already circulated a detailed “Green Office Guide” to strengthen the green practices throughout the Bank. We will continuously monitor the meticulous compliance of green practices in internal operations & environment of the bank and thus we can protect the environment.
Encouraging “Going Green” through financing in eco-friendly projects, such as: adoption of renewable energy and/or energy efficient technology, supply of clean water, establishment of effluent and/or waste water treatment plant, solid and hazardous waste disposal plant, bio-gas plant, bio-fertilizer plant, improved brick kiln projects etc. at lower interest and utmost care.
Designing and introducing more innovative Green Products in the near future highlighting eco-benefit from green products and adding value to the existing products by inserting environmental features.
Checking necessary environmental due diligence factors before lending a loan/investment and reducing of extending loans to certain environmentally harmful projects.
33 (thirty three) branches of the bank have already been powered by solar energy and we are expecting that more branches will start their journey with solar panel in the coming days.
Bank will enhance more services through Alternative Delivery Channel (ATM, Debit / Credit Card, Online Banking, BACPS, BEFTN, issuance of e-statement, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking etc.).
Introducing new technology in banking operations that would not only benefit the customers but also increase the productivity of the employees.
Introducing Video/Audio Conference in lieu of physical travel/visit.
Bank will provide more monetary support, relief and loans at lower interest rate etc. in the natural disaster areas by which the victims will survive in the newer environment.
Organizing rigorous Training/Workshop on Green Banking issues to educate the employees and that will continue for the coming days.
Arranging more seminars and symposiums to make our clients conscious regarding environmental issues as well as to introduce our Green Products.
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