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Mercantile Bank Foundation
MBL believes that, true success does not consist in profi t maximization only rather in doing something for the betterment of deprived part of the society. With this vision, MBL has established a foundation in the name and style, “Mercantile Bank Foundation” in 2000, just after a year of its inception, to work for the distressed and disabled people. Actually, the Foundation has been promoting a dialogue between the Bank and its community people. Since the inception, MBL Foundation took part in several social welfare activities.

MBL contributes 1% of its Operating Profi t or BDT 4.00 million, which one is maximum, to the Mercantile Bank Foundation every year, and from this amount, the Foundation cares the distressed and disabled people of the country. Since inception, the foundation has been awarding some noted intellectual personalities of the society for their outstanding performance and contribution in their respective fi elds. In 2011, Mercantile Bank Foundation (MBF) launched a new scholarship program, “MBF Education Scholarship”. Under this program, MBL provided scholarship among the meritorious but poor students who have secured a considerable brilliant results in JSC, SSC and HSC in 2010 across the country despite oppressed by the inevitable fate accompanied by the poverty. Furthermore, the funding policy has focused on fi ve major areas: Community outreach, Health & Medical research, Education, Arts & Culture, development of Sports. MBL runs numerous philanthropy programs all over the country, and Mercantile Bank Foundation is forever destined to “do good” and even better in the days to come.
Objectives of Mercantile Bank Foundation
Mercantile Bank Foundation has been formed with the aim of achieving some underlying objectives including:
To take possible initiatives in increasing social well- being and alleviating poverty from the country.
To support the education by establishing new educational institutions, providing stipends/scholarship to the poor but brilliant students.
To provide awards to the Scholars in eleven signifi cant arenas for their outstanding contribution, as they uphold nation’s pride brightly even accross the geographical boundaries. These arenas are:
- Bengali Language and Literature
- Education
- Culture
- Liberation War based Research
- Economics and Economics related Research
- Healthcare
- Science and Technology
- Industry and Commerce
- Journalism
- Agriculture based Research and Development
- Sports
To assist research activities on Bengali Literature through Bangla Academy.
To support the writers and publishers through purchasing their books and distributing these to different educational institutions on the occasion of national and historical days.
To assist the unemployed young to make them self- suffi cient.
To assist the rootless and distressed orphans and mentally retarded children through taking appropriate steps for their mental perfection and self-support.
To support in establishing hospitals, clinics, etc. for the improvement of the health sector, to donate one time fi nancial endowment to the poor artiste, literature-patron, for ailing fatal disease-affected poor patients, to support the poor father for arranging his daughter’s marriage, and to help poor but bright students.
Our Subsidiaries
Mercantile Bank Securities Limited
Mercantile Exchange House (UK) Limited