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Sl No Particulars Dual Card International Card Local Card
Classic Gold Classic Gold Classic Gold
01. Annual/Renewal fee (Principal Card) US$40 US$80 US$35 US$70 Tk. 1000 Tk. 1800
02. Annual/Renewal fee Supplementary Card-Loan (One Supplementary Card id Free) - - - - Tk. 500 Tk. 900
03. Card replacement fee US$20 US$30 Tk. 400 Tk. 500
04. Late payment fee US$10 US$10 Tk. 250 Tk. 250
05. Cheque return fee US$5 US$5 Tk. 100 Tk. 100
06. Statement Retrieval fee US$5 US$5 Tk. 50 Tk. 50
07. Charge Slip Retrieval fee US$10 US$10 Tk. 150 Tk. 150
08. Outstation Cheque collection fee US$10 US$10 Tk. 100 Tk. 100
09. PIN reissue charge US$10 US$10 Tk. 200 Tk 200
10. Excess limit Charge US$10 US$15 Tk. 350 Tk. 350
Cash advance fee
MBL Card to MBL ATM: No Cash advance fee.
MBL Card to other Q-Cash ATM: Tk. 10 per transaction.
MBL Card to Brac Bank & DBBL ATMs: Tk. 20 per transaction.
MBL Card to other ATM: 2% of transaction amount or Tk. 125, whichever is higher.
For International Cards: US$3 or 2% of transaction amount, whichever is higher.
Calculation of Minimum Payment
When the outstanding in the statement is less than or equal to the credit limit, the minimum payment for the current month is as under:
a. For International Card: 5% of the billing amount or USD 25 whichever is higher. if the billing amount is less that USD 25, it should be paid in full
b. For Local Card: 5% of the billing amount or Tk. 500 whichever is higher. If the billing amount is less than Tk. 500, it should be paid in full.
When the billing amount in the card account statement is more than the credit limit, the minimum payment is 5% of the credit limit plus excess amount of the credit limit.
If the cardholder fails to pay the minimum of the current month bill then in the next month the minimum payable amount will be current month minimum amount plus previous month's minimum amount.
Interest free days: Maximum 45 days
In case of POS transactions, if the entire amount is not paid within the payment due date, interest will be charges @ 2.5% per month on daily basis from the date of transaction.
In case of cash Withdrawal, interest will be charged @ 2.5% per month on daily basis from the date of transaction irrespective of payment due date.
Credit Card account statement is generated on monthly basis if there is any outstanding in the cardholder account.
if the cardholder repay the entire amounth within due date payment no interest will be charged and thereby cardholders enjoy maximum 45 days credit facilities without interest for POS transactions
if the cardholder repay the minimum payment amount as shown in the credit card account statement within the payment due date then no late payment penalty will be charged..
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