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Sl No Card Type Card Fee Card Replacement Fees Late Payment Fee Over limit Fee Supply card(1st Supply free)
01. Classic Local 750/+(15%vat)=862.50/- 400/- 250/- 350/- 375+ (15%Vat)
02. Gold Local 1500/-+(15%vat)=1725/- 500/- 250/- 350/- 750/-(15%Vat)
03. Classic Int'l 20$+(15% Vat)=23$ 10$ 10$ 10$
04. Gold Int'l 40+(15% Vat)=46$ 15$ 10$ 10$
05. Platinum local 5000/-+(15% Vat)=5750/- 2000/- 250 250 2500/- (From 1st supple)
06. Platinum Int'l 60$+(15% Vat)=69$ 30$ 10$ 10$ 30$+(15% Vat)= For ERQ
07. Prepaid Local 500/-+(15% Vat)=575/- 500/-
08. Prepaid int'l 20$+(15% Vat)=23$ $20
09. Student Card Int'l 15$+(15% Vat)=17.25$
10. Treatment Card 40$+(15% Vat)=46$
11. Virtual Card 15$+(15% Vat)=17.25$
12. Debit Card 400/-+(15% Vat)=460/-
13. Student Debit Card 100/- + (15% vat)=115/-
PIN reissue fee:
Credit Card local Tk.230.00 including VAT
Credit & Prepaid Int'l Card US$10.00
Debit, Prepaid local card Tk.230.00 including VAT
Bangladeshi Nationals
Age range for primary card holder is 21 years to 65 years
Age range for supplementary card holder is 18 year to 65 years
Age bar can be relaxed for secured cards
Minimum Gross Monthly Income(GMI) for silver card Tk 15,000
Minimum 6 month permanent employment for salaried executives (this indicates total length of service as a total of all companies he or she has worked for), and 1 year of experience in business or practice for self employed professionals and business person
Current Deposit Account
Savings Bank Account
Special Noticed Deposit Account
Fixed Deposit Account
Double Benefit Deposit Scheme
Family Maintenance Deposit
Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS)
Quarterly Benefit Deposit Scheme
1.5 Times Benefit Deposit Scheme
School Banking
Education Planning Deposit Scheme
Super Benefit Deposit Scheme
Home Loan
Cottage Loan
Car Loan
Personal Loan
House Furnishing Loan
Doctor's Loan
Education Loan
Secured Over Draft (SOD)
Refinance Scheme for Green Product/Initiatives
Krishi / Polli Loan
Credit Cards
Platinum Card
Gold Card
Classic Card
Fees & Charges
Debit Cards
MBL VISA Debit Card