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Doctor's Loan
Help new FCPS or post-graduate doctor for setting up chambers and purchasing medical equipments
Help experienced doctors for refurbishing chambers and purchasing medical equipments
Assist private clinic/hospital/ diagnostic center for acquiring modern medical equipment
Doctor’s Loan is a loan for professional doctors to support their small scale purchase of medical equipments, tools and small machineries for installation of their chamber/hospital/clinic.
Any Bangladeshi citizen having graduation/post-graduation in medical science.
Loan Limit
Maximum Tk.5.00 lac for General Practitioner, Tk.15.00 lac for Specialized Doctors and Tk.50.00 lac for owners of Hospital/Clinic/Diagnostic Center
12 months to 60 months
Age Limit
25-65 years
Interest Rate
Competitive Interest Rate.
Minimum Income
Tk.25,000/- per month for general practitioner, Tk.40,000/- month for specialized doctors and Tk.50,000/- per month for
Required Documents
Letter of introduction (for service holders)
Bank Account Statement for last 6 months
Photocopy of Passport, Telephone (T&T) bill if any
Original Certificate of last degree to be deposited with the Bank for General Practitioner
Self declaration of income by the professionals
Personal net-worth statement
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