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Credit Rating of MBL
To comply BRPD Circular # 06, dated 05 July 2006, Credit Rating of the Bank has been conducted by Credit Rating and Information Services Limited (CRISL). CRISL has reaffirmed the Long Term Rating 'AA-' (pronounced as double A minus) and Short Term Rating 'ST-2' of Mercantile Bank Limited (MBL) based on financials for the year ended December, 2015. This is to be mentioned here that CRISL has termed our Outlook as 'Stable' for the year 2015.

Key information of the Credit rating is furnished below for ready reference:
Year Long Term Rating Short Term Rating Date of Rating Outlook
2015 AA- ST-2 May 22, 2016 Stable
2014 AA- ST-2 May 20, 2015 Stable
The Long Term Rating ('AA-') implies that Banks rated in this category are adjudged to be of high quality, offer higher safety and have high credit quality. This level of rating indicates a corporate entity with a sound credit profile and without significant problems. Risks are modest and may vary slightly from time to time because of economic conditions.

The Short Term Rating ('ST-2') indicates high certainty of timely repayment. Liquidity factors are strong and supported by good fundamental protection factors. Risk factors are very small. CRISL also placed the Bank with 'Stable Outlook'.
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