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Credit Facility
Mercantile Bank Ltd. Visa Credit Card Offers maximum 45 days credit facilities free of interest and minimum payment is 5% of outstanding billing amount for easy payment and convenience of the customers.
Dual Card (Two in One)
Single Card with double benefits. No hassle to carry two cards (local and international). A single Credit Card can be used both locally and internationally to withdraw cash from ATM and for POS transaction. This is the special feature of MBL Visa Card.
Debit Card
Visa Debit Card is mainly tagged with deposit account (CD/SB/STD) that is automatically debited from the A/C having available balance. Debit Card may also be used for purchasing goods, services, payment of utility bills etc as well as withdrawl of cash from ATM.
Pre-Paid Card
Those who have no account with MBL may avail pre-paid Card facilities. Pre-paid Card may be equally used at home and abroad. The Pre-Paid cardholders pay first buy later. Pre-Paid Card offers the convenience and security of electronic payment in situations where one might otherwise use cash, such as birthday gift or a monthly allowance for a young adulth or as gift cards and salary payment etc.
Supplementary Card
A principal cardholder (local) may apply for more than one supplementary card where one supplementary card is free. Expenses made by supplementary card will be charged to the principal card.
No Cash Withdrawal Fee
For withdrawals of cash from MBL ATM by MBL cardholders no cash advance fee is necessary and from any other Q-cash ATM the fee is Tk.10 only. MBL is the only bank offering such unique facility. Moreover, our VISA Cardholders can also withdraw cash from any Visa logo ATM locally and internationally.
International/Dual card is accepted all over the world at millions of outlets and ATMs. A Dual card is also accepted in most of the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet at more than 10,000 outlets including 4500 POS. It covers various kinds of merchants like hospital, hotel, restaurant, department store and the card has accessibility to any outlet having VISA logo.
Advance against Credit card
MBL cardholder can take advance as term loan up to 50% of the card limit to be repaid on the monthly installment basis. Any POS transaction over TK. 20000 but not exceeding 50% of the credit limit is convertible to Personal loan/CCS and to be repaid on monthly installment basis. Repayment period of such loan may be from 6 months to 36 months.
Payment Order Facility
MBL Cardholders can(Local Card) can enjoy their full credit limit in the form of Cash through Payment Order. Cardholders can enjoy this interest free facility for up to 45 days. Hence 1.1% commission will be charged on total Credit amount for one time.
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